DeepData Environmental Data


What is DeepData Explorer?
The International Seabed Authority's (ISA) DeepData is a tremendous, free, public resource of information about subsea minerals and deep sea mining.

However, DeepData houses extremely large amounts of information, and is focused on a visual, map-based interface. This makes it difficult to search within the housed documents and to find information that you need.

DeepData Explorer is a copy of DeepData's information, which allows you to search within all the current public documents to find what you need.

What Can You Do?
You can browse all currently available DeepData files easily in DeepData Explorer.

We've included a number of helpful and simple features to make it easier to find the data that you need, including:
  • Text search within file names, descriptions and abstracts
  • Various filters
  • View files in your browser
  • Individual file download
We're building more features as we speak...

What Data is Available on DeepData Explorer?
DeepData Explorer currently contains all the publicly available files from DeepData.

Note that files may be missing or omitted if they have not been uploaded onto DeepData's servers. For example, many Annual Reports appear to be missing from various contractors on the DeepData site.

Does this Impact DeepData?
Not at all!

We have created an entirely separate, cloud-hosted copy of DeepData's files and data. Searching and opening files within DeepData Explorer has zero impact on DeepData itself - in fact, it's faster because the files are in a secure Amazon Web Services Cloud in the US - they don't have to travel all the way from Jamaica!

What if I Spot a Mistake?
Please email us with any thoughts, suggestions, imnprovements or corrections that we need to make!

Our email is