Public Interest in Deep Sea Mining - the Data



Public interest in deep sea mining has grown rapidly over the last few years. We've dug into that interest by looking at Google Trends, search terms and search volumes, and the common search terms that the public use when visiting this site.

The results are fascinating, and suggest that the public is interested in the players and equipment, but also very interested in how to invest in deep sea mining.

Public Interest

Unsurprisingly Google search volumes for the Topic "Deep Sea Mining" have increased by a factor of 8x since 2010. (Source: Google Trends).

The public appears to be more interested in deep sea mining, the number of companies involved has grown over this period, and the amount of news and press articles on this subject has grown rapidly.

Note that this data includes similar search terms (e.g. "subsea minerals") and search terms in other languages (e.g. "gruvedrift på dypt hav"). The data is automatically normalized by overall Google search volume, and so it removes the impact of population growth and increasing internet usage.

Topics of Interest

We dug into these Google Search Terms using search tools at AnswerThePublic to understand what specific subjects the public are interested in when searching for "Deep Sea Mining":

What's fascinating here is that the majority of searches around the topic "Deep Sea Mining" are about the Companies, Investment Opportunities and Equipment.

Despite significant volumes of press and NGO activity around the potential environmental impacts of deep sea mining, the actual search volumes for these terms are relatively low. For example, almost there were almost twice as many searches for "dead sea minerals hand cream" as there were for "deep sea mining moratorium".

Here's the full set of results:

Search Term Approx Monthly Volume Percentage of Total
deep sea mining74025.5172413793103
deep sea mining companies39013.448275862069
deep sea mining stocks1705.86206896551724
deep sea mining news903.10344827586207
deep sea mining companies stock702.41379310344828
deep sea mining environmental impacts702.41379310344828
deep sea mining equipment702.41379310344828
deep sea mining nodules702.41379310344828
deep sea mining machine501.72413793103448
deep sea mining pros and cons501.72413793103448
deep sea mining pollution501.72413793103448
deep sea mining jobs501.72413793103448
dead sea minerals hand cream401.37931034482759
dead sea minerals vitamin c serum401.37931034482759
deep sea mining technology301.03448275862069
deep sea mining etf200.689655172413793
is deep sea mining happening200.689655172413793
deep sea mining impacts200.689655172413793
deep sea mining moratorium200.689655172413793
deep sea mining pros200.689655172413793
deep sea mining robots200.689655172413793
deep sea mining stocks reddit200.689655172413793
deep sea mining impacts200.689655172413793
dead sea minerals & vitamin c complex200.689655172413793
deep sea mining articles100.344827586206897
deep sea mining effects100.344827586206897
deep sea mining alliance100.344827586206897
deep sea mining australia100.344827586206897
deep sea mining benefits100.344827586206897
deep sea mining ban100.344827586206897
deep sea mining bbc100.344827586206897
deep sea mining cook islands100.344827586206897
deep sea mining china100.344827586206897
deep sea mining conference100.344827586206897
deep sea mining countries100.344827586206897
deep sea mining companies in india100.344827586206897
deep sea mining definition100.344827586206897
deep sea mining documentary100.344827586206897
deep sea mining economic benefits100.344827586206897
deep sea mining finance limited100.344827586206897
deep sea mining for electric cars100.344827586206897
deep sea mining facts100.344827586206897
deep sea mining for rare earth minerals100.344827586206897
deep sea mining for battery materials100.344827586206897
deep sea mining france100.344827586206897
deep sea minerals fragrance oil100.344827586206897
deep sea mining greenpeace100.344827586206897
deep sea mining guardian100.344827586206897
deep sea mining good or bad for the planet100.344827586206897
dead sea minerals hyaluronic acid100.344827586206897
dead sea minerals home bargains100.344827586206897
deep sea mining in the pacific100.344827586206897
deep sea mining images100.344827586206897
deep sea mining isa100.344827586206897
deep sea mining japan100.344827586206897
dead sea keratin mineral shampoo100.344827586206897
deep sea mining facts100.344827586206897
deep sea mining locations100.344827586206897
deep sea mining lithium100.344827586206897
deep sea mining finance ltd100.344827586206897
deep sea mining minerals100.344827586206897
deep sea mining map100.344827586206897
deep sea mining meaning100.344827586206897
deep sea mining methods100.344827586206897
deep sea mining manganese nodules100.344827586206897
deep sea mining norway100.344827586206897
deep sea mining nauru100.344827586206897
deep sea oil mining100.344827586206897
deep seabed mining of manganese nodules100.344827586206897
deep sea mining companies on the stock market100.344827586206897
deep sea mining good or bad for the planet100.344827586206897
where does deep sea mining occur100.344827586206897
deep sea mining pacific100.344827586206897
deep sea mining process100.344827586206897
deep sea mining petition100.344827586206897
deep sea mining papua new guinea100.344827586206897
why is deep sea mining important100.344827586206897
deep sea mining facts100.344827586206897
deep sea mining regulations100.344827586206897
deep sea mining rig100.344827586206897
deep sea mining reddit100.344827586206897
deep sea mining research100.344827586206897
deep sea mining research paper100.344827586206897
deep sea mining ship100.344827586206897
deep sea mining science statement100.344827586206897
deep sea mining tmc100.344827586206897
deep sea mining in the pacific100.344827586206897
deep sea mining images100.344827586206897
deep sea mining isa100.344827586206897
deep sea mining upsc100.344827586206897
deep sea mining vessel100.344827586206897
deep sea mining vs land mining100.344827586206897
dead sea minerals vitamin c night cream100.344827586206897
deep sea mining watch100.344827586206897
deep sea mining locations100.344827586206897
deep sea mining lithium100.344827586206897
deep sea mining facts100.344827586206897
deep sea mining Cook Islands100.344827586206897

Impression Share for This Site

We also pulled Google Search Console data for this site, to see which specific search terms and topics we show up for.

This site is not dedicated to environmental arguments or documenting moratoria, but it covers a broad range of topics around deep sea mining. Despite this, the vast majority of search impressions are for topics around stocks, investing and equipment:

Again, this is fascinating and surprised us. Specifically, the volume of searches and amount of interest in investing in deep sea mining was utterly surprising, particularly given the relative absence of searches about the issues and challenges.

Of further note, the Stocks page is a particularly popular destination for visitors to this site.

Here's the full set of results:

Search Term Topic # Impressions Percentage of Total
deep-sea mining companies stockStocks & Investing895.49382716049383
deep sea mining companies stockStocks & Investing704.32098765432099
deep sea mining stocksStocks & Investing1559.5679012345679
penrhyn basinZones, Areas & Basins613.76543209876543
sea miningDeep Sea Mining60.37037037037037
deep-sea mining stocksStocks & Investing382.34567901234568
deep sea miningDeep Sea Mining432.65432098765432
ocean mining stocksStocks & Investing181.11111111111111
deep sea mining stockStocks & Investing251.54320987654321
clarion clippertonZones, Areas & Basins60.37037037037037
norway seabed miningNorway30.185185185185185
how do polymetallic nodules formScience & Environment20.123456790123457
cliperton zoneZones, Areas & Basins10.0617283950617284
deep sea mining equipmentEquipment & Processes23914.7530864197531
clarion clipperton zoneZones, Areas & Basins855.24691358024691
polymetallic nodulesScience & Environment543.33333333333333
subsea collectorEquipment & Processes533.27160493827161
business ecosystem diagramBusiness362.22222222222222
polymetallic sulphidesScience & Environment291.79012345679012
foundry processScience & Environment261.60493827160494
deep sea mining machinesEquipment & Processes251.54320987654321
clarion-clipperton zoneZones, Areas & Basins221.35802469135802
clarion-clipperton fracture zoneZones, Areas & Basins171.04938271604938
what is foundry processScience & Environment150.925925925925926
ccz nodulesScience & Environment150.925925925925926
clarion clipperton zone mining companiesBusiness140.864197530864198
deep sea mining companiesBusiness130.802469135802469
impossible metalsBusiness130.802469135802469
"deepseamining"Deep Sea Mining120.740740740740741
ccz mapZones, Areas & Basins120.740740740740741
rkef processScience & Environment120.740740740740741
scandinavian ocean mineralsBusiness120.740740740740741
clarion fracture zoneZones, Areas & Basins120.740740740740741
clipperton fracture zoneZones, Areas & Basins110.679012345679012
deep sea equipmentEquipment & Processes110.679012345679012
nodule formationScience & Environment100.617283950617284
rkef nickel processScience & Environment100.617283950617284
clarion clipperton fracture zoneZones, Areas & Basins100.617283950617284
deep sea mining vs land miningBusiness90.555555555555556
polymetallic sulfidesScience & Environment90.555555555555556
clipperton zoneZones, Areas & Basins90.555555555555556
cobalt rich crustsScience & Environment80.493827160493827
clarion-clippertonZones, Areas & Basins80.493827160493827
clarion-clipperton zone mining companiesZones, Areas & Basins70.432098765432099
beijing pioneer hi-tech development corporationBusiness70.432098765432099
marawa research and exploration ltdBusiness70.432098765432099
how are polymetallic nodules formedScience & Environment60.37037037037037
moana mineralsBusiness60.37037037037037
clarion clipperton zone miningZones, Areas & Basins60.37037037037037
cobalt crustsScience & Environment60.37037037037037
uk seabed resourcesBusiness60.37037037037037
penrhyn island mapZones, Areas & Basins50.308641975308642
norway deep sea miningNorway50.308641975308642
deep sea mining diagramEquipment & Processes50.308641975308642
underwater mining equipmentEquipment & Processes50.308641975308642
loke mineralsBusiness50.308641975308642
clarion-clipperton zone miningZones, Areas & Basins50.308641975308642
zone clarion clippertonZones, Areas & Basins50.308641975308642
ccz oceanZones, Areas & Basins50.308641975308642
impossible metals stockStocks & Investing50.308641975308642
mining associationsBusiness50.308641975308642
nodule formation diagramScience & Environment40.246913580246914
penrhynZones, Areas & Basins40.246913580246914
a se miningDeep Sea Mining40.246913580246914
"deep sea mining"Deep Sea Mining40.246913580246914
deepwater pathfinderEquipment & Processes40.246913580246914
clarion-clipperton-zoneZones, Areas & Basins40.246913580246914
undersea mining companiesBusiness40.246913580246914
rkefScience & Environment40.246913580246914
polymetallic nodules usesScience & Environment30.185185185185185
titanium deposits world mapScience & Environment30.185185185185185
n2h2o2Science & Environment30.185185185185185
pyrometallurgy processScience & Environment30.185185185185185
cook islands mineralsZones, Areas & Basins30.185185185185185
cic ocean researchBusiness30.185185185185185
seabed mineralsDeep Sea Mining30.185185185185185
mining associationBusiness30.185185185185185
polymetallic nodules compositionScience & Environment30.185185185185185
deep sea crunchDeep Sea Mining30.185185185185185
rotary kiln electric furnaceScience & Environment30.185185185185185
ocean mining companiesDeep Sea Mining30.185185185185185
polymetallic noduleScience & Environment30.185185185185185
polymetallic nodules formationScience & Environment30.185185185185185
deep sea mining clarion clipperton zoneZones, Areas & Basins30.185185185185185
mining vesselDeep Sea Mining30.185185185185185
clarion clipperton zone mapZones, Areas & Basins20.123456790123457
cook islands eezZones, Areas & Basins20.123456790123457
electric furnace processScience & Environment20.123456790123457
foundry processesScience & Environment20.123456790123457
how are manganese nodules formedScience & Environment20.123456790123457
manganese nodules formationScience & Environment20.123456790123457
manihiki plateauZones, Areas & Basins20.123456790123457
pyrometallurgical processScience & Environment20.123456790123457
polymetallic nodules in hindiScience & Environment20.123456790123457
seabed seafloor miningDeep Sea Mining20.123456790123457
the metals comapnyBusiness20.123456790123457
deepseaminingDeep Sea Mining20.123456790123457
deep sea mineralsDeep Sea Mining20.123456790123457
hidden gem vesselEquipment & Processes20.123456790123457
uk seabed resources ltdBusiness20.123456790123457
global sea mineral resourcesBusiness20.123456790123457
deep sea mining vesselEquipment & Processes20.123456790123457
deep-sea mining companiesBusiness20.123456790123457
deepwater operationsEquipment & Processes20.123456790123457
how do manganese nodules formScience & Environment20.123456790123457
uk seabed resources ltd.Business20.123456790123457
what are polymetallic nodulesScience & Environment20.123456790123457
cobalt reserves mapScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
furnace process flow diagramScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
how deep sea mining worksEquipment & Processes10.0617283950617284
manganese formationScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
mn nodulesScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
penrhyn cook islandsZones, Areas & Basins10.0617283950617284
polymetalic nodulesScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
polymetallic nodules in indian oceanScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
polymetallic nodules mapScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
i se miningDeep Sea Mining10.0617283950617284
manihiki mapZones, Areas & Basins10.0617283950617284
nodules in oceanScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
poly metallic nodulesScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
rotary kiln electric furnace (rkef)Science & Environment10.0617283950617284
deep sea mining norwayNorway10.0617283950617284
how is cobalt formedScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
nodular formScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
norway sea miningNorway10.0617283950617284
process of nodule formationScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
rkef technologyScience & Environment10.0617283950617284
zona clarion clippertonZones, Areas & Basins10.0617283950617284
hidden gem drillshipEquipment & Processes10.0617283950617284
ocean floor korea10.0617283950617284
american eagle europe10.0617283950617284
cook eez10.0617283950617284
cook islands seabed10.0617283950617284
offshore mining companies10.0617283950617284
ccz mining10.0617283950617284
"the metals company" | "tmc the metals company"10.0617283950617284
norway parliament deal marks major step towards seabed mining10.0617283950617284
zona clarion-clipperton10.0617283950617284
how big is the clarion clipperton zone10.0617283950617284
loke marine minerals10.0617283950617284
sea association10.0617283950617284
cobalt-rich crusts10.0617283950617284
deep sea mining company10.0617283950617284
seabed mining cook islands10.0617283950617284
nodulos polimetalicos10.0617283950617284
institute of mine seismology10.0617283950617284
isa deep sea mining10.0617283950617284
seabed mining10.0617283950617284
marawa research and exploration ltd.10.0617283950617284
clarion clipperton zone depth10.0617283950617284
clarion-clipperton zone (ccz)10.0617283950617284
norway's parliament backs deep-sea mining plans10.0617283950617284
deep reach technology10.0617283950617284
clarion zone10.0617283950617284
international marine minerals society10.0617283950617284
deep sea mining cook islands10.0617283950617284
allseas deep sea mining10.0617283950617284
vent ratfish10.0617283950617284
someya isa10.0617283950617284
zone de clarion-clipperton10.0617283950617284
cook islands seabed minerals authority10.0617283950617284
manganese mining10.0617283950617284
ecosystem diagram10.0617283950617284
subsea mining10.0617283950617284
underwater mining companies10.0617283950617284
impossible mining10.0617283950617284
deepsea mining10.0617283950617284
clarion-clipperton zone map10.0617283950617284
polymetallic ore collectors10.0617283950617284
it ecosystem diagram10.0617283950617284


We started this site with the aim of becoming an authority in the equipment, financing, regulations and operations of Deep Sea Mining, because we percevied a lack of meaningful information addressing these topics. Google Search Trends, Topics and Impressions all indicate that the public is interested in these subjects, but furthermore, is particularly interested in investing in deep sea mining.

Whilst the former did not surprise us, the large amount of interest in investing in DSM versus the relative lack of interest in the commonly published "issues" of deep sea mining is particularly surprising, even to us.

In short, the public appears less interested in the potential impacts of deep sea mining, and more interested in how they can invest in it.


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