Title Description Folders Keywords
Collector Test Study - Environmental Impact Statement NORI / The Metal Company's environmental impact statement for collector testing proposed for late 2022
Where Should Metals for the Green Transition Come From? White paper outlining the relative merits and challenges of deep sea mining versus conventional (land) mining for producing metals for electric vehicle batteries
Kennecott Consortium Draft Environmental Impact Assessment - 1984 Kennecott Consortium's draft Environmental Impact Assessment as submitted to NOAA in 1984 EIAKennecott Consortium
NOAA Final Environmental Impact Statement on Deep Sea Mining - 1994 NOAA's final environmental impact statement on issuing a deep sea mining license to OMCO in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone NOAA
The Potential Cost of Deep Ocean Mining Environmental Regulation NOAA report on the potential cost of regulating the environmental impact of deep sea mining
NOAA Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement on Deep Sea Mining - 1981 NOAA's assessment of the impact of deep sea mining in the Clarion Clipperton Zone, issued 1981 NOAA
Towards an ISA Environmental Management Strategy for the Area Report from an international workshop held in 2017 to develop and draft regulations for exploiting subsea mineral resources